ZEPHYR AND MAIZE presents: BURNOUT by Daniil Vyatkin

(1), (2), (3), (4) Burnout art poster series by Daniil Vyatkin © Courtesy of Daniil Vyatkin

"Gradually, emotions leave you, in the end there is only a feeling of emptiness...Everything becomes grey and boring. Everything unnecessary, everything becomes unnecessary.

But remember, you are not alone. You are not alone ..." - Daniil Vyatkin

A graphic designer, illustrator and artist Daniil Vyatkin unites drawing, text (in Russian, English and other languages) and nature in his daily practice. His meticulously built compositions revel in sharp contrasts, light play, pattern and choreography of art poster advertising. But while Vyatkin's interest in the beauty of nature cannot be underestimated, his creative world is just as well characterised by the psychological tension that natural order cannot mask, separation and emptiness cloaked in aesthetic shield. As tender as they are unsettling, his calculated vignettes are embodiments of this dichotomy. In this context, Vyatkin's work can be seen as an attempt to manifest order and reason within a disorderly and unreasonable world, just as the staged process of constructing narrative for his graphic works demonstrates his belief in empathy and understanding.

Daniil Vyatkin lives and works in St. Petersburg. He exhibited widely in Russia and abroad, including Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Mexico and Czech Republic, and is an active participant in numerous art collaborations and International Art Festivals. In 2013, he was selected in Top 30 Illustrators by Designcollector.