TWILIGHT HOUR by Kamilah Rashied

this time of day

reminds me

that our lives

have many


that there are


you can only

take with you

in your mind

which recalls

the details


each time

you sat to my right

under the statue

in the square

the sky was

golden with

streaks of

auburn clouds

we had coffee

in the morning

but lingered

and it was

nearly evening


we faced the


where we used

to live

it was a



you made

me laugh

it stung a little

but you asked me

for one more day

of what we

would ordinarily

do had I not left you

and I wanted to

relive it too

you walked me

to the train

or did I walk

as you followed

keep moving

your feet

I thought

if the sun

begins to set

he will use

those colors

against you

you will


the first time

he walked you to

your door

the call he gave

an hour later

to say nothing

in particular

just that he

found you calming

and you made

him think

I closed my

eyes the whole

ride home

trying to omit

every detail



I remember

the pivot of

your neck

from left to right

as I forced

myself to get

on the train

the look on

your face

through the glass

the sky


behind you

the sound

of you calling

my name

October 2020

© Kamilah Rashied for Zephyr and Maize