ON QUIET TIME by Kamilah Rashied

can you imagine

the air being still

this is the feeling

right before the storm

a cleansing downpour

I admit I am rarely still

until I am exhausted

but the current condition

has forced a stillness on me

in me

I am a preachy person

and am trying to accept

how God chooses to

speak through me

I can be very critical

and am making peace

with my eyes only

seeing what could be

and little else as a gift

when exercised with care

I have been anxious

because my ambitions have

shaped me so much

as a person but many

of those choices were

about how I internalized

the projections of others

speaking truthfully

now ambition has never

been less important

and I am glad to be rid of it

I am embracing the idea

that I don't need to do

anything to be worthy

I am celebrating that

I have the kind of character

that is exercised most

without an audience

I am engaged in the

rigor of joy finding

and unconditional love


and sometimes that

looks like my work

and sometimes it

looks like me at play

sometimes it looks like

an elixir made of pineapple

and apple juice, sparkling

water, mint and the oil

of St. John's Wort

sometimes it looks like

selfies so I remember

I am still alive and vital

and fine or fire engine red

nails and Columbian coffee

in my favourite mug

sometimes it looks like

silver dollar pancakes

and the little trick I

learned with chopsticks

that makes your scramble

look like folds of silk

July 2020