25 MARCH - 4 AUGUST 2021

Zephyr and Maize is happy to announce the second solo exhibition devoted to the new body of work by Danish-American artist Lasse Antonsen. Lasse Antonsen is an artist and art theorist concerned with the abundance of the art world: its colors, shapes and complex narratives. “Genesis, Part Two” unites Andersen’s Indian Kantha cloth collages from recent years. The vivid and multi-layered works preserve his distinct approach to color and form. While the interplay between symbols and asymmetry directly refers to the Korean Bojagi tradition and evokes the formal qualities of 1950s abstraction, Antonsen's work remains in the continuous dialogue with the many excesses of contemporary life, its existential anxieties and moments of hiatus, as well as our tireless attempts to process life in multiplicity of forms. 

Antonsen was born in Copenhagen in 1947, and studied art at the Experimenting Art School (1963-64) with Poul Gernes, Per Kirkeby and the art historian Troels Andersen.

Written and curated by Varia Serova