"Hudson Heights is the place I call home...Anonymity is scarce on the streets of this tiny oasis set against the backdrop of New York’s busiest borough, as every other neighbour waves hello and calls out my dog’s name while passing by. These friendly daytime interactions juxtapose the inspiration for my work as windows light up in the evening and offer glimpses into private lives. With this flicker of inspiration, I  imagine the stories on display. Most pieces in this series are based on what I see and know of life in my own space and my daily domestic experience. I’m captivated by the beauty of glowing lights and dancing shadows that reveal hints of intimate moments and intentions." 


Anna Shukeylo: Intimacies, Zephyr and Maize, 2020.

Zephyr and Maize presents a solo exhibition by Anna Shukeylo: Intimacies. This is the artist’s second  exhibition at the gallery. It brings together works from the Hudson Heights series (2018-2020), along with some of the sketches and drawings for the series, united by a recurring theme of intimate living spaces, foreign and familiar. 

Through taking over roles of an observer and an outsider, Shukeylo allows daydreams and recollections to narrate voyeuristic glimpses into living spaces; the spontaneity of this superficial invasion creates forbiddingly thrilling snapshots of the family house as the smallest unit of human existence. Her small-size works bring to life visual memories and affective experiences through masterful use of media, sharp contrasts and dramatic lighting. Shukeylo is depicting interior using recognisable shapes and symbolic imagery, manifesting the touch of sensuality, a residual magic of juxtaposition and vulnerable exposure. 

Hudson Heights (Figment 17) (fragment), 2018

Acrylic and sand on paper.