2 JULY - 20 AUGUST 2020

Zephyr and Maize presents a solo exhibition by Anna Shukeylo: Interlaced. This is the artist’s first retrospective exhibition at the gallery. It brings together works from different periods of Shukeylo's career, united by her ongoing experiments with media, layering, colour and form, as well as by a recurring theme of intimate living spaces, foreign and familiar. 

Through taking over roles of an observer and an outsider, Shukeylo allows daydreams and recollections to narrate voyeuristic glimpses into existing living spaces and ways of life of the characters who live there: some real, some imagined; the spontaneity of this superficial invasion creates forbiddingly thrilling and atmospheric snapshots of these private worlds. Her small-size works, including a few pieces from the Hudson Heights series (2018), bring to life visual memories and affective experiences with masterful use of materials: lusciously layered lace, fabric and paint. Shukeylo is depicting interiors using recognisable shapes and symbolic imagery, manifesting the touch of sensuality, a residual magic of juxtaposition and vulnerable exposure. Sharp contrasts and dramatic lighting, often electric, both a recognisable feature and a sign of the times, is also a metaphor urging to explore the depth of darkness against light in our daily lives. Shukeylo utilises traditional means to create a new language celebrating the ambiguity and complexity of emotions associated with private spaces and lives within. 


- Written and curated by Varia Serova

Cherry Hill (Figment 3),7.5x5.5in, color
Fort Hunter Rd. (Corner bedroom), 7.5in
Fontanka (Big Room 2pm), 15in x 11in , m
West 149th (Break)_5.5x 7.5_acrylic on p
Hudson Heigths (Figment 17).jpg
Morning, 7.5in x 11in, acrylic and oil p
Hudozhnikov (Coridor), 7.5in x 5.5in, oi
Hudson Heights (Double Room).jpg
Fontanka (Small room), 7.5inx 5.5in, acr
Hudson Heights (Figment 27).jpg
Fontanka (Foyer), 5.5iin x 7.25in, fabri
Hudson Heights (Figment 26).jpg
Fort Hunter Rd.(Upstairs bedroom), 5.5in
Hudson Heights (Figment 28).jpg
Husdon Heights (Figment 25).jpg
Eaton Way (Living Room), 5.5in x 7.5in,