30 APRIL - 2 JULY 2020

Rebecca Brodskis (b. 1988) lives and works in Paris. She was born in France, and spent most of her childhood travelling between France and Morocco, following her Bohemian parents and absorbing elements of the entwined cultures. She started painting at a very young age in the atelier of her grandmother who, a painter herself, has introduced Rebecca to the mesmerizing world of brushes and pigments, as well as to traditional oil painting. She studied painting at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris and at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London (2010). The idea of an in-between state, that occured in Rebecca Brodskis' childhood and has flourished in her paintings with the passage of time, comes from her experiencing the life of a continuous movement and an intermediate space at the cross-roads of empirical reality and imagination that she always found herself interested in. The masterful use of broad areas of bright colour, dramatic light and cropping became the enduring features of her work. Her models are everybody and nobody; some of them are from artist's real life encounters, others are visitors from the imagined worlds. "I always loved to escape the physical world and let dreams and thoughts overwhelm me! They are often so much more exciting than reality. As I perceive it, my paintings are the direct expression of my thoughts and emotions. They are a true reflection of my psyche and tell the story of my inner travels,"--says the artist. Rebecca Brodskis' recent body of work provides a subtle insight into the human existence, the binaries of self and other, conscious and subconscious.  

Belleville (2019) - Oil on linen, 162x11
Mon reve familier #2 (2019) - Oil on lin
Ma vie fragmentee (2019) - Oil on linen,
Otto (2019) - Oil on linen (1).png
Vanilla sky, 146x114cm, Oil on linen, 20
Above the difference, Oil on linen, 80x6
Attrape moi si tu peux #1 (2019) - Oil o
Attrape moi si tu peux #2 (2019) - Oil o
Attrape moi si tu peux #3 (2019) - Oil o
Ombre portee (2019) - Oil on linen, 100x
Shir (2019) - Oil on linen, 100x80cm.png
Mon reve familier #1 (2019) - Oil on lin
Fragments of life, 146xm114cm, Oil on li
Fragments of life #2, 146xm114cm, Oil on
Fragments of life #3, 146xm114cm, Oil on