Graham Dean (b. 1951 in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England)  is a painter of identity. For Dean, the body is a ‘holding-pen of emotions’. His protagonists are the receptacles of these emotions and memories, witnesses of the human condition and the complex human interaction with the world. Dean’s painting essentially becomes an investigation of the surfaced and the subconscious. Using what he refers to as ‘’reverse archaeology’’, Dean revitalises the traditional watercolour technique: contrasting layers of paint are applied sequentially on thick handmade Indian paper, each sheet undergoes a process of tearing and overlapping to create a final composition, and correlates to the multilayering of the epidermis shielding human body. Dean masterfully uses thickness of the paper and sensual veils of watercolour, the transparency of the media. Artist's painterly vision and savoir-faire of the material and the process helps him to create evocative painted atmospheres in which his protagonists exist and interact, catching and escaping our gaze, as if suspended in watery and dreamy alternative worlds. 

Graham Dean is represented by Waterhouse & Dodd, London. His selected solo exhibitions include:

1973 Bristol Art Centre

1979 Corpus Christi College, Oxford

1980 Liverpool Academy

1981 South Hill Park Bracknell, touring to Sunderland Arts Centre, The Minories Colchester.

1982 The Roundhouse, London

1984-88 Artweek, Oxford

1987 Basle Art Fair

1988 Gallery, Cardiff

1988 Austin Desmond Fine Art, London

1989 Nerlino Gallery, New York

1990 Nerlino Gallery, New York

1991 Allan Art Singapore

1991 Austin Desmond Fine Art , London

1992 British School, Rome

1994 Jill George Gallery, London

1995 Kunsthaus Lubeck, Germany

1995 Powell Moya Partnership, London

1995 Jill George Gallery, London – Small Works

1995-96 'The Green Room and other Paintings’ – Williamson Museum and Art Gallery, Birkenhead – a semi-retrospective show travelling to the Jill George Gallery, London and Brighton Art Gallery and Museum

1997 'The Green Room’ Brighton Fringe Festival

1997 The New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

1998 Rivington Gallery, London.

1999 Straight to Red, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.

2000 Straight to Red, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London

2000 ‘Small works for the Comfort Station,’ The New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

2001 Light Sweet Crude, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London

2004 “Graham Dean Project”, Blanch House, Brighton

2004 “Shimmer”, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London

2004 Maltby Gallery, Winchester

2004 'Art of the 20th Century’ Armoury, New York

2005 ‘Thinking Bodies’ Waterhouse & Dodd, London

2006 ‘Above and Below’ Galerie Frans Jacobs/Judith Bouknegt, Paris and Amsterdam

2007 ‘White Noise’ Waterhouse & Dodd, London

2008 ‘Fragile lessons’, Kunsthandel Frans Jacobs , Hilversum , The Netherlands

2009 ‘Two Artists/Two Worlds’ , Kunst en Cultuur, Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

2010 ‘Sleepers’ Waterhouse and Dodd , London

2010 Solo show – Artantique Utrecht, The Netherlands

2010 Solo show – New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

2011 Solo Show – The Basilica , Maastricht , Netherlands

2011 ‘Painting Music’ touring performances with David Rhodes . Aachen, Herleen, Maastricht

2012 Williamson Art Gallery and Museum , Birkenhead . 60th birthday exhibition

2012 Victoria Art Gallery and Museum, Bath . ‘Fitter,Quicker,Longer’

2012 Waterhouse and Dodd, London . ‘Fitter,Quicker, Longer’

2013 Galerie Dis, Hotel Dis, Maastricht, Holland

2013 Triumph Gallery, Moscow , ‘Thinking Bodies’

2014 Mid-Century Modern solo show, Hoorn, Holland

2014 Van Breugel Art Projects, Utrecht, Holland. Solo show

2016 Cameron Contemporary Art, Brighton

2017 New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

2020 Darnley Fine Art, London. ‘Early Works Retrospective’ February 5th to March 4th

2020 Waterhouse & Dodd, Online Viewing Rooms 

2021 Zephyr and Maize 'Dreamscapes'

2021 New Ashgate Gallery 'Small Size Only'


Selected group exhibitions include:

1976 British Realists, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

1977 Del Naviglio Gallery, Milan

1977 Museum of Modern Art, Paris

1978 ‘Art for Society’, Whitechapel Art Gallery

1978 ‘Art for Society’, Ulster Museum, Belfast

1979 Grandes et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui, Grand Palais, Paris

1979 Critics Choice, London

1980 John Moores 12, Liverpool

1981 Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

1981 Leiden Museum, Holland

1981 The Real British, Fischer Fine Art, London

1981 Ostermalm Gallery, Stockholm

1981 Scottish Arts Council Touring Exhibition

1982 Alternative Tate, Paton Gallery and Artscribe Magazine, London

1982 Arnold Katzen Gallery, New York

1982 Art and the Sea, ICA London and Liverpool Academy and Sunderland Arts Centre

1983 Cartwright Hall, Bradford

1987 Athena Art Awards, Barbican London

1987 The Self Portrait, Artsite Gallery Bath, and Museum Touring Exhibition

1988-97 ”Paintings for the Sky’ Goethe Institute – Museum Touring exhibition to seven major museums in Japan, then to museumsin Munich,Paris, Dusseldorf, Moscow,Hamburg, Lisbon, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Turin, Rome, EXPO 92 Seville, Kassel Documenta Halls, Montreal,Sydney,Chile,Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Sao Paulo.

1990 The Spectator Art Awards, Scottish Gallery, London

1993 Heads – Canterbury Museum and Ipswich Museum

1997 Royal Academy – Summer Show

1997 Critics Choice (Clare Henry), Royal Scottish Academy Galleries, Edinburgh

1997 Artists of Fame and Promise, Beaux Arts London

1998 Bilder Fur Den Himmel,Halle Victor Hugo, Luxemburg-Llimpertsberg

1998 The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London

1998 White Gallery, Brighton

1999 The Print Show – Barbican Art Centre

1999 Royal Academy – Summer Show

1999 Summer Show – Stephen Lacey Gallery

1999 Pure Paint – Stephen Lacey Gallery

2000 ‘The World According to Great Britain’, Odapark, Venray, Holland

2000 ‘Art London’ Chelsea, London

2000 Gallery Artists 2000 – Stephen Lacey Gallery

2000 ‘Display Heads’ – Millennium project, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham.

2001 Art London, Chelsea, London

2001 Strip, National Portrait Gallery, ,London.

2001 Festival Art (Prints), Edinburgh Festival

2002 Small Works – Stephen Lacey Gallery

2003 Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, Netherlands

2003 Art 2003, BDC, Isington, London

2003 Art London, Chelsea London

2004 Art 2004, BDC, Islington, London

2005 Palm Beach 3 Fair, Palm Beach, Florida

2005 TEFAF Maastricht Art Fair

2006 Pan Art Fair, Amsterdam

2006 Singer & Frielander/Sunday Times watercolour competition

2006 ‘Weltanschauung’ Palermo,Sicily and New York.

2007 ‘Weltanschauung’ Hiroshima, Peking, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires

2006/7/8/9/10 TETAF Maasrict art fair

2010 Art Hamptons , New York

2010 Scope Basel

2010 Art Nocturne Knocke , Belgium

2010 Scope Miami

2011 ‘O Miroir’ Galerie Maubert, Paris

2012 Maastrict art Fair (TEFAF) with Frans Jacobs Galerie, Amsterdam

2012 ArtRai , Amsterdam

2012 Scope Basel

2012 The Print Show, Waterhouse and Dodd , London

2013 C&H Space , Amsterdam

2013 The London Art Fair with Waterhouse and Dodd

2013 The London Art Fair

2013 TEFAF, the Maastricht Art Fair. Exhibiting with Frans Jacobs Galerie of Amsterdam.

2013 Mixed exhibition, Scope Basle with Frans Jacobs

2013 Moscow Art Fair with Triumph Gallery of Moscow

2013 Down to the Bone' charity exhibition, Onca Gallery,14 St Georges Place, Brighton.

2014 The Threadneedle Art Prize, Mall Galleries, London

2014 The Curwen Gallery , London

2014 Judith Wolberink Gallery, Amsterdam

2014 Art Paris

2015 Art Paris

2015 Gallery 874 Atlanta, Georgia (a Salamatina Gallery project)

2017 'Skin' Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
'Synthetic Color' , Qingdao Biennale at the Qingdao Art Museum , China

2020/21 Gallery 94 Glyndebourne Opera House 'Fair Ground' (online)

2020/21 Cameron Contemporary Brighton/Hove 'Winter Exhibition'