Corona 2 50x36in. Oil, Mixed Materials o

Corona 2, 2020. Oil, Mixed Materials on Wood. 

Zephyr and Maize is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Brenda Goodman, one of the most prominent and dynamic figures of the American contemporary art scene. The first show of her work to be held in the gallery's online viewing room, and prepared in collaboration with Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (NYC), it offers a deeper understanding of Goodman’s unique career and rigorous and experimental artistic practice, with inspiration rooted in depths of her life experiences. Through her limitless inquiry, we encounter a cacophony of colour, form and texture and a mysterious language of beauty with hidden and profound messages. 

The paintings Goodman produced during her five-decade career balance on the verge of abstraction and figuration, and her contribution to both is truly unique; through years, she has developed a style that is bold, expressive and playful, along with an intuitive and unapologetic approach, always grounded by a flair for colour and form. This exhibition focuses on her recent works, offering a survey of the artist’s career from 2018 to 2020, and highlighting a number of key paintings from this period, including never previously displayed Corona series  (2020).