Dan McLaughlin (b. 1962 in Marlborough)  lives and works in Newton, Massachusetts. He describes his process as improvised, almost automatic. His paintings and drawings provide ground for fact-value debates. Occasionally, they would capture familiar scenes, characters and landscapes, such as Newton streets and gardens he walks by, hiking spots and natural vistas that bring to life memories from the past, while at other times manifest artist encountering the subconscious, offering him means to extend his perception of the world. “I use drawing and painting to learn how to give up control and recognise what Spinoza offered as one of the definitions to being human - to synthesise, in both Thought and Extension,”- says the artist. Dan McLaughlin's work establishes itself confidently and organically within the realm of art history, as he openly recognises to be influenced by Beuys in the totality of his thinking, Terry Winters from the mid 80’s, Marcel Broodthaers’, Klimt, ter Borch and Velasquez. Through time, he developed his personal recognisable artistic language relying on expressive brushwork, pure jewel-like colors and strong, current-like internal rhythms in compositional structure.