Anna Shukeylo is a Russian-American artist. Born in St. Petersburg, she graduated from Pratt Institute with her MFA in Painting. Her paintings, works on paper and three-dimensional objects depict intimate living spaces, guided by the thought that a vital space of a home exudes a concrete essence, that she strives to capture in her imagery. As both an observer and an outsider, Anna allows daydreams and recollections to narrate voyeuristic glimpses into spaces both foreign and familiar. The spontaneity of this superficial invasion is a forbiddingly thrilling glimpse into another’s world.

Her paintings come from imagined imagery. Even though based on real places, the scenes and

figures within are purely imagined inviting a voyeuristic examination of “home”. She uses

layering of transparent colors to explore the depth of darkness and tension against light.

Her work has been exhibited throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and